Crazed leftists have hysterical temper tantrum over “men are not women” speech

Unhinged leftists interrupted a speech by columnist Michael Knowles entitled “men are not women,” with the resulting fracas leading to one protester being tased and arrested after a noxious substance was thrown at Knowles.

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The event took place last night at the University of Missouri and was hosted by Young Americans For Freedom.

Hecklers constantly interrupted Knowles’ speech before he responded; ” I know, you’re so oppressed, my dears. I know, life is so hard for you. You have to live in the richest, most equitable, most just country in the history of the world. You have to get a college education; you have to voluntarily go to lectures; it’s so awful. I can’t imagine.”

Some of the protesters began to leave the venue, prompting Knowles to tell them; “People who are in war-torn nations; they must truly pity you. Goodbye. Goodbye.”

A masked leftist then tried to attack Knowles with a substance that he said was designed to smell like bleach.

The leftist was tackled and then tased by police after he began resisting arrest.

“I know. I seem so hateful. You guys seem lovely and sweet. You guys seem so compassionate and lovely,” Knowles told the other protesters.

Watch the full video from the event below.

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