U.S. government halts cruel experiments on kittens, but refuses to make Big Pharma stop carrying out gender-dysphoria chemical experiments on human children

After facing a barrage of protest from special interest groups, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has decided to stop conducting what some say were inhumane medical experiments on kittens as part of a multi-decade government effort to combat toxoplasmosis, a type of food-borne illness. But where is all the outrage over human children with gender dysphoria who are being harmed by inhumane chemical experimentation, which is taking place in the name of transgender “affirmation?”

According to reports, scientists at the USDA have been deliberately infecting young cats with toxoplasmosis since 1982, only to eventually euthanize them and feed their remains to other cats in a supposed effort to gain a better understanding of the deadly parasite. But because of the morbid nature of such research, some people protested against it, and it was eventually brought to a halt.

Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, for instance, spoke out against the kitten experiments, calling them “deeply disturbing.” Following the USDA’s announcement that the decades-long research efforts were coming to a close, Sen. Merkley pronounced that this was “the right decision,” adding that he applauds the agency “for [its] willingness to change course” in favor of “our four-legged friends across America.”

Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young, the Administrator of the USDA’s Agricultural Research Services (ARS), which conducted this research, offered similar sentiments of support. She told the media that she and her colleagues are “excited for the next chapter of work for these scientists and this laboratory,” further indicating that the 14 remaining cats at the lab, all of which are healthy, will soon be adopted by USDA employees.

Representative Jimmy Panetta, a Democrat from California, even went so far as to draft legislation entitled, “Kittens in Traumatic Testing Ends Now Act,” which aims to legislate such experimentation out of existence. He openly commended the USDA for ending experimental testing on kittens, stating that “this is how our institutions, our government, and our democracy should and must work.”

Leftists care more about animals than human children

Besides getting it wrong in declaring our country to be a democracy – we’re actually a republic – Rep. Panetta had nothing to say about the vile nature of the chemical experimentation that’s now taking place on children all across the country, and around the world, who’ve been brainwashed into believing that they’re the opposite sex or gender, and trapped in the wrong body.

As we recently reported, children with gender dysphoria are having their lives forever destroyed by taking chemical hormone drugs and undergoing permanent surgical procedures to their sex organs, which the aggressive LGBT lobby is telling them will fix all of their problems.

It’s orders of magnitude more evil and “disturbing,” to use Sen. Merkley’s words, than anything that was happening to kittens in federal government laboratories. And yet, nobody is speaking out in defense of these human children, whose lives are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness to the god of transgenderism.

Part of the reason why nobody is sticking up for these children is that doing so, at least in some parts of the West, is now against the law, and could result in children being taken away from their parents by the LGBT police state.

“The standard for dealing with teens who assert they are transgender is ‘affirmative care’ – immediately granting the patient’s stated identity,” says Abigail Shrier about the ease with which children can opt to become members of the Cult of LGBT, even without parental consent.

“Planned Parenthood furnishes testosterone to young women on an ‘informed consent’ basis, without requiring any psychological evaluation,” she further states. “Student health plans at 86 colleges – including those of nearly every Ivy League school – cover not only cross-sex hormones but surgery as well.”

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