Gay pride Leftists literally believe they are “tolerant” as they scream for President Trump to “DIE!”

Austen Fletcher of Fleccas Talks recently attended the 2018 “Pride” event in West Hollywood, California, where he asked attendees various questions about the purpose of the parade, their opinions of President Trump, and what they believe concerning the influence of Islam and other religions on the LGBT community. And as you might expect, the answers of the LGBT attendees were all over the place, and oftentimes blatantly hypocritical.

In this video clip posted to YouTube, Fletcher is seen early on asking a scantily-clad younger male at West Hollywood Pride what the message of the day was. The individual is seen responding with all sorts of “progressive” rhetoric about “loving everyone” and “accepting everyone for who they are, their differences, their inequalities, like, just tolerance and love and acceptance. That’s what pride is all about.”

It’s a happy-sounding message that most LGBTers at the event seemed to agree with as they paraded themselves down the streets, some on floats, dancing, writhing, and otherwise flaunting their stuff in front of screaming crowds. But the moment Fletcher delved into questions about the president, as one example, these sentiments of “love” and “acceptance” quickly turned hateful.

“I hope there’s an accident and he may not survive,” fumed this same individual who had just previously stated that Pride is about accepting “everyone.” “F*** him … die, seriously,” he added.

Fletcher received similar duplicitous responses when he asked this same individual about the recent Supreme Court decision ruling that cake bakers do not have to bake cakes for homosexuals or other LGBTers when doing so violates their personal religious convictions.

“You’re a business, you’re doing business for the public, you should do it for everybody,” the individual stated firmly.

When asked by Fletcher where he worked himself, the individual responded with Starbucks, adding that he also works side jobs in hair and makeup. Fletcher proceeded to ask the individual what he would do if President Trump were to walk into his Starbucks, and his response, as to be expected, was entirely different than what he has just stated about businesses being there to serve “the public” and “everybody.”

“I would probably lose my job because I would jump over that counter and beat him,” the individual responded without hesitation.”

LGBT “pride” is about sexualizing culture and destroy childhood innocence with gross perversion

It’s a double standard that’s common within the LGBT community, which claims to be progressive, but that’s actually regressive when it comes to maintaining consistency in terms of “equality” and “acceptance.”

“They’re only progressive in the sense that they want more rights than everybody else,” stated another man at the Pride event to Fletcher.

“But they’re very regressive against others who don’t support their message. So even if you say you’re against homosexuality but you’re still welcome to have rights, they’re not going to be progressive towards you. The whole message of equality is going to get thrown out the window, and they’re going to attack you no matter what.”

Fletcher asked all sorts of other questions, posing them in similar contrasting scenarios to see how people would respond. Many, as to be expected, answered one way when it supported their own ideological dogmas, and the exact opposite way when it opposed them. There’s no rhyme or reason, in other words, to LGBT doctrine beyond selfish motives and making as much of a public spectacle as possible.”

“It’s not just about gay, it’s about sexual gay,” one female Pride event attendee told Fletcher. “Everyone on the floats, if you’ve been watching, they’ve been all sexual and shimmying and everything and naked sailors and what not. So I think it’s more about this sexualized culture, and it’s almost kind of sexualizing young children. That’s my take on it; I think it’s a little bit too much.”

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