More left-wing nonsense: Woman proud that her 3-year-old godson is “openly gay” … do infants even know what GAY means?

A Filipino woman who shamelessly exploited her three-year-old godson on social media by posting family photos of him and proclaiming to the world that he “openly” identifies as being “gay” has suddenly removed all such content and made her Twitter page private after being called out by thousands of social media users for her child-abusive tendencies.

Caren Penaso, whose Twitter page as of this writing has her listed as a secretary for the Filipino sports organization “PAKUSGANAY,” apparently coordinated with the LGBT media outlet PRIDE back in April to tell the “heartwarming” story of her “openly gay” three-year-old nephew, named RJ.

The PRIDE article telling Penaso’s tale about her godson has since been deleted, but is still available for viewing on the Internet Archive website

The now-archived piece explains how Caren believes that her godson, who is still about 10 years away from going through puberty, somehow already knows that he’s “gay,” and that she’s just so excited about this. She apparently told PRIDE that the boy loves to play with dolls and likes to dress up in a mermaid outfit – which automatically means that he’s sexually attracted to other little boys, apparently.

Caren’s pedophile-like sexualization of her innocent godson throughout the PRIDE piece was immediately decried by thousands of concerned people almost immediately after its publishing. PRIDE also apparently got an earful from some of the more normal elements of society, seeing as how it not only published the story but also glamorized it.

After sustaining this barrage of chastisement, Caren proceeded to try to play the victim, claiming that her critics were “killing the positive vibe,” and that it’s all about allowing RJ to live his life “freely & happily” – which in her world apparently means supporting and likely encouraging a baby to believe that he’s a homosexual.

“Guys come on!” Caren whined on her Twitter page on April 16 in a post responding to her critics. “Regardless if he knows what it takes to be gay or not, he is happy and he is proud. AND we love him no matter what.”

LGBT mafia perverts always blame others whenever they’re rightfully called out for their wickedness

This twisting of the situation is typical of liberals, who whenever they’re called out for their vile, amoral behavior proceed to blame their accusers of such. It was Caren, and not her critics, who made the decision to broadcast to the world that her godson’s innocent fun somehow equates to wanting to have sexual relations with other males, after all – which is similar to what Disney is now doing with its release of LGBT “pride ears” for innocent children.

It’s sickening and disgusting what this woman did – and it’s perhaps even worse that PRIDE used words like “adorableness” and “cute” to describe this woman’s perversion. Both PRIDE and Caren should be held to account for this blatant act of child abuse, and yet both are predictably claiming victimhood.

PRIDE has since replaced the now-deleted and archived article with an announcement stating that it was removed because of “homophobic abuse and bullying of a three-year old.” Caren also put up a short note, not apologizing for sexually exploiting her godson, but claiming to be a victim of “hate messages” when all she did was tweet with “pure intention” about her godson.

She further contorted the scenario by stating that she shouldn’t have ever posted pictures of her godson online and made a story out of his alleged “gayness” with the help of PRIDE – again, not because it’s inherently wrong, which it is, but because Caren believes it was her job to “protect him from being bullied.”

“There’s no point in fighting with close-minded [sic] people,” Caren wrote, lacking any remorse whatsoever for her own personal wickedness that was the true cause of this heinous fiasco.

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